A lot of our VGK boys have some cool ink, and we’ve heard your requests to talk about the tats and give you a better look at them!  First up, beloved former Knight, Alex Tuch.

Alex’s first, and largest, tattoo is across his upper back, done during two sessions over TEN hours by Ink Masters Champion Joey Hamilton in Las Vegas. This piece features his nickname for his great-grandmother, Stephanie Mohacek: “Gigi” and the Slovakian coat of arms, featuring two lions holding, what else?  Hockey sticks.  The quote “The strength of a family lies in its loyalty to each other” rounds out the piece.

Author’s note: It looks as though Joey tried to cover up a grammatical error in ‘its’ by adding shading over the apostrophe, but it is still quite visible in later photos of the piece.

Alex’s other two pieces are on his right arm, also completed in Vegas.  The upper is based on the area surrounding his family’s cottage in upstate New York, including some local points of interest that have special meaning to him.  This piece also features a compass with his last name and the initials L-L-S-C, which represent his siblings and parents.

The piece on his lower arm is of a cheetah, an animal which Alex says he has always loved because of their speed, aggressiveness, and their ability to prowl and hunt.