Golden Knights: Off The Ice

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Marty Party On Pause?

The Martinezes and Theodores at Nic Hague’s wedding

Maybe it’s not such a bad thing for Alec Martinez to head off to Chicago if he’s got an injury that has him in a walking boot. We had more than our fair share of injuries last season and don’t need to pay somebody to sit around hurt this year!

It’s Bracket Time!

Now that the regular season is over, SinBin is sponsoring a fun bracket contest!  Since “fun must be always”, go enter!  It’ll be fun. Plus, there’s prizes!

Congratulations, Stephensons!

Congratulations to Chandler and Tasha Stephenson, and big brother Ford, on the arrival of their little lady, Nellie!

Nellie Stephenson
(Photo courtesy of Tasha Stephenson’s Instagram)

Take a listen to Chandler with Dan D’Uva.

Pat McAfee Show Visits VGK Locker Room

Why is he wearing sleeves?


Travis Kelce a Knights fan?

We’re here for it. 🫶🏼

And Baby Makes 4…

Congratulations to Chandler and Tasha Stephenson on the upcoming addition to their family!  Their son, Ford, is going to be a wonderful big brother, too.

Photos from Tasha Stephenson’s Instagram

Upcoming Special Event!

We love that our VGK and HSK guys are so involved in the community, and we’ve just gotten word that a very special event is coming up in just a few weeks!  More details to come, but keep your eyes peeled!!

Watch for more details on an upcoming event with Henderson Animal Shelter on Tuesday, February 13!

Wedding Bells Are Ringing!

Another one of the fellas is about to tie the knot!  Defenseman Nic Hague and his fiancée, Ally, have set the date!  We’ll be sure to bring you any wedding content we can!  VGK weddings are notorious for being a REALLY good time!


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

As the boys come home from a rough East Coast roadie, let’s put it in the past and enjoy some happy VGK (and former VGK) kiddos with Santa!  Merry Christmas to all!

The Carrier Family with Santa

Caroline and Will Carrier with their kids and Santa (photo from Caroline Carrier’s Instagram)

The Karlssons with Santa

Emily and William Karlsson with Beckham and Santa (photo from Emily Karlsson’s Instagram)

Kristen and Erik Haula with Santa

Kristen and former VGK forward Erik Haula with their son and Santa…and a new hockey star on the way! (photo from Kristen Haula’s Instagram)

Kylie Edwards and former VGK forward Alex Tuch with their son and Santa

Kylie Edwards and former VGK forward Alex Tuch with their son and Santa (photo from Kylie Edwards’ Instagram)

The Dynasty Continues

Super happy to report that Ben Hutton is sticking around for another 2 years with the Golden Knights!  Apparently so is his soccer buddy, Paul Cotter, as he posted a note of congratulations on his Instagram story earlier today. Guess the boys will keep racking up the pregame soccer wins in addition to their wins on the ice!

Image from Paul Cotter’s (@ptc.47) Instagram story

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